100% Homegrown

Our summerbar is open on

Friday evening

Saturday afternoon

Sunday afternoon 

We malt our own grains, brew and bottle everything ourselves. a unique concept in Europe. 

We grow our own hops and grains in the fields around the brewery.

Afer brewing the spent grains goes back to the animals on the farm.

Visit us

Individual visit

Every saturday @ 3PM

Please reserve via email. Limited spots

Reservation: sales@hoftendormaal.com

Group Visit

Every day after reservation

Price: € 18pp

min. 10p or € 180

Duration: 1h30

Included: tour of the maltery, brewery and farm accompanied by degustation of five or our best beers (15cl)

Every day after reservation

Price: € 35pp

min. 10p

Duration: 2h30

Included: aperitif beer accomanpied by small bites, tour of the malthouse, brewery and farm, hamburger buffet with meat from our spent grain fed cows, vegetables, sauses and buns. Accompanied by five of our best beers and softdrinks.

Hamburger Buffet

Our Beers

Tucked away in the fields of Tildonk near Leuven, you can find brewery Hof ten Dormaal an old farm
estate, first mentioned in the thirteenth century as the main farm of the manor of Lauwendries.

Hof ten Dormaal is a unique concept for Belgium where farming and brewing go hand in hand.

This goes back to the ancient Belgian tradition where brewing mainly happened on the farm,

with the surplus grains, in this rich, fertile region. 

This tradition is revived today by the Janssens family Under supervision of father Andre, the two
brothers Jef and Dries take on the challenge of modern day brewing and farming The brothers aim to
create unique, innovating flavors, working with the purest ingredients from the farm.

All ingredients, from grain to hops, are grown on the farm. We have our own maltery, the smallest in Belgium. After brewing, the spent grain goes back to
the farm animals, including the unique Belgian drought horses, typical for the region

In this process we form a closed circle, from cradle to cradle, in a unique, durable ecologic concept

Our Story

Tapwagen Hof ten Dormaal
handen brouwer
Hopveld Hof ten Dormaal eigen teelt
Chocolademout Craftbeer
zomerterras hoevebrouwerij Hof ten Dormaal
Proeflokaal Hof ten Dormaal
Jef en Andre Janssens Brouwerij Hof ten Dormaal
hoevebrouwerij Hof ten Dormaal Tildonk-foto Luk Collet-9295
Hopveld winter witloofbier Hof ten Dormaal
Boerenpaarden draf Hof ten dormaal
Dries proeflokaal Hof ten Dormaal
Foto about Hof ten Dormaal
Vaten Zure van Tildonk Hof ten Dormaal
Hof ten Dormaal
mout Hof ten Dormaal
fietsen terras Hof ten Dormaal
Proeflokaal veel volk Hof ten Dormaal
Hof ten Dormaal Boerenpaarden
Barrel Aged Project Hof ten Dormaal
Dries boerenpaarden Hof ten Dormaal
Pikdorser graanoogst eigen graan Hof ten Dormaal
Hopoogst Hof ten Dormaal
Boerenpaarden Hof ten Dormaal